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TRACKiT welcomes the opportunity to present you with a proposal for our VIASATCONNECT AUTO GO solution, an active security service for your vehicle. Our technology allows you to monitor your car in REAL TIME, through our APP TRACKiT Connect. An expert consultant will contact you shortly!

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Value including VAT: 160€.
Mode: Prompt Payment
Contract: 24 months
Warranty: 24 Months

GPS Location, service supported by GPS technology, which allows access to the location and activity of the car through the APP Trackit Connect, available for Android and IOS, through which you can, for example, locate your car, view trips, receive various alarms and define virtual perimeters that when transported trigger warning notifications.

GPS Location

The AUTO GO solution is supported by GPS technology, thus allowing access to the location and activity of the car, through an APP, available for Android and iOS systems.

warning system brake
Mobile Application

By subscribing to the service you will have access to the mobile application TRACKiT Connect, through which you can, for example, locate your car in real time, view past trips and much more


Our solution alerts you to the possibility of an accident, allowing you to act quickly to help the injured person, if you are not in your car, but a family member, for example, or if the car is parked;

Virtual Perimeter

The virtual perimeter offers to create a temporary or permanent circular perimeter so that you can monitor your vehicle in various situations.

warning system brake
Ignition sensor

With remote telemetry of the ignition sensor, it is possible to know the state of the ignition and detect any misuse of the car;

car door alarm
Motion Alarm

Get notified whenever your car is towed, with our motion sensor;

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