The lock is a thing of the past
Sherlock Bike
is the present and the future.

GPS Security for your Bicycle

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No padlocks

The security you've been looking for for your bike in a complete invisible GPS tracking solution. Anti-theft designed to guarantee the peace of mind you demand.

In case of theft you can go to the police and through our website enter the code available in the passport (bike identification) in your app. Through the code generated in your app the authorities can identify the location of the bicycle through our website.

Pedaling without worries is with Sherlock Bike.

* Note: We are developing the app in Portuguese, at the moment it is still in English.

What's in our app

Sherlock is connected to an app, so you can know at any time the GPS location of your bike and help you recover it safely in case of theft.

Parking Mode

If your bike is moved from where you left it, you will receive an immediate alert on your cell phone.
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Theft Mode

You can share your bike's GPS position with the police by using a unique code.

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Bicycle Passport

All your bike information is in one place, easy to download and share.
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Download our app

App only available for customers

how works

Active 1

Hide it

Install the device on the handlebar of your bicycle

Active 2

Activate it

Activate Sherlock when parking your bicycle

Active 3

locate it

In case of theft, locate your bicycle and recover it

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Frequently Asked Questions

We consider the handlebar to be the most suitable for installing Sherlock (see the compatibility guide here). You can however experiment in other locations as long as there is good GPS signal reception. However, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of the device in unforeseen conditions.
You will receive a notification on your cell phone when the battery reaches a critical limit.
You can charge the sherlock with the supplied USB cable, just plug it into a computer, powerbank or an electrical plug with usb input.
Battery life is guaranteed for up to 7 days for average use.
All devices will be tested before shipping, and you can perform a self-checkup of the equipment via the mobile app. If your Sherlock does not work due to a defect in the electronics, we will send you a new one. If you need help, please contact us through the toll-free line 800 210 086 (Monday to Friday | 09h00 - 13h00 | 14h00 - 18h00).
Yes, the Sherlock is resistant to water drops (e.g. rain) and dust as well.
Sherlock is now available in Europe and the USA. Subscribe to our newsletter to always be informed about availability in other countries.
Sherlock is sold with 2 years of internet connection included. For the third and subsequent years, the subscription is 5€/month. You can cancel the subscription at any time.
You can exercise your right of return and request a refund within 14 days from the day you received the device. For more information please contact our toll-free line 800 210 086 (Monday to Friday | 09h00 - 13h00 | 14h00 - 18h00), or contact us directly via our chat.


Enter the location code provided in the Sherlock Bike app to access the location of a bike.

European union
The Sherlock project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration through the frontierCities accelerator program (grant agreement no. 632853), under grant agreement no. 002
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