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What are the benefits of a GPS locator for your car?

It is safe to say that cars are part of the lives of the Portuguese. Not only do 90% of all households own a vehicle, but 58% have two or more. With that in mind, protecting your car is a must. While insurance helps with things like car theft, medical bills, or repairing your car after an accident, there is one simple device that can help you protect and maintain control over your car or motorcycle and its drivers: a GPS locator.

While some may think that putting a GPS tracker in a car is usually just something spies do in movies, there are many reasons to put a vehicle GPS device in your car or motorcycle. Here's why.

What does a GPS locator do?
A GPS tracker for your car or motorcycle is a small device that plugs into the vehicle and uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to identify the vehicle's location. Depending on the tracker, it may also have other features that monitor speed and other driving habits and even send alerts if your car is moved or power is cut.

Benefits of a GPS tracker for your car
Now that you have a basic idea of what a vehicle tracking device can do (and not do), take a look at the main reasons why a GPS tracker is a smart idea.

gps car tracker


Find out where your vehicle is at any time

The main function of a GPS car locator is to provide the location of the vehicle. There are many situations where this can be useful. For example, if you go to a parking lot and find that your car is gone, you can use your GPS locator to see if it has been towed. Or perhaps your teenager should have been home an hour ago and you want to find out where they are.


Accompany your child

Parents of young adult drivers often worry about their children's safety behind the wheel. Lack of driving experience and the increased likelihood of speeding are some of the factors that make automobile accidents the leading cause of death for young drivers in Portugal.

If you have a young driver child, a GPS tracker that also provides trip statistics can help parents monitor routes and even receive alerts when the car or motorcycle leaves the pre-defined perimeter.


Recover a stolen vehicle faster

There are many vehicles stolen every day. In many cases, car thieves don't even need to break into or start a car or motorcycle owners leave their keys behind, making your vehicle an easy target. With a GPS car and motorcycle locator, you can provide the police with the location of your car, increasing the likelihood of recovering it after it has been stolen.


Find out immediately if your car has been stolen or tampered with

A more advanced GPS locator device, like the ones from Viasat Connect, will also alert you on your smartphone if your car is moved, towed, or even hit in the parking lot so you can act quickly. You can be in the know no matter where you are.

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