We expect a massive turnout and lots of business to happen during EXPOMOTO

I had the opportunity to talk to the Exposalão team about Viasat Connect's (TRACKiT) first participation at EXPOMOTO which will take place from May 5th to May 8th 2022 in the city of Porto.

In this interview we were able to answer some questions and present some news about our GPS tracking solutions for motorcycles. Therefore, please read the full article below so that we can share a little of our expectations:

Present for the first time in the fair directed to the lovers of hard wheels, the company reveals to be very expectant with the interaction with the visitors. Among the several services that Viasat Connect (Trackit) has available, Viasat Connect (Trackit) will take advantage of the fair to present the innovations worked on during the last months, explained João Rodrigues, Business Development Manager.

What are the added values of Viasat Connect's (TRACKiT) participation in EXPOMOTO?

No doubt leverage the new brand Viasat Connect, which is a TRACKiT Consulting brand, and wants to be a reference in the motorcycle world (so that when the consumer thinks of how to protect his motorcycle, he thinks of MOTO GO), with its anti-theft solutions based on telematics being MOTO GO, CONFORT and PREMIUM.

Our presence will serve to create this brand awareness among consumers, but also among professionals in the area who visit and exhibit in it, and our intention is to grow the brand's distribution network from north to south of the country.

What are Viasat Connect 's (TRACKiT) expectations for the next edition of the fair?

Our expectations are the best, consumers have been away from this type of event for a long time for reasons that are well known (Covid-19), so we expect a massive turnout and a lot of business to happen during the show, as well as expanding our networking network.

What services will be highlighted during the fair?

We will have in great prominence the new solution for anti-theft motorcycles, the MOTO GO and its APP TRACKiT Connect, and the following service lines Moto Confort & premium that will be available soon, we will also have in smaller highlight our solution for anti-theft bicycles the SHERLOCK BIKE.

Can a customer looking for the service provided by Viasat Connect (TRACKiT) customize it? What are the most advantageous conditions?

TRACKiT's main advantage is quality service, being one of the main players in the professional fleet management market that puts all its knowledge to work for the end consumer. We also have several levels of service that adapt to the consumer's lifestyle.  

We make competitive pricing allied with quality and innovation our greatest weapons. We are sure that consumers will be very surprised to see in this solution features that are usually only applied to the professional segment but that are undoubtedly an asset in the day-to-day management of your bike and safety.

The service provided by Viasat Connect (TRACKiT) offers several features. In what way are these an asset for businesses?

The solutions we are going to present are a quality complement that companies can offer to their clients (stands and shops) and it is an opportunity to diversify the business by associating with a Portuguese brand from an innovative and creditable company in the online fleet management market, drawing, of course, its commercial dividends.

What are Viasat Connect 's (TRACKiT) short-term goals?

The goal is to create brand buzz among consumers and expand our distribution network.

What new features are in development?

We are currently developing a unique solution for 2- and 3-wheeled electric vehicles, which we expect to launch during the last quarter of 2022.

Text: André Filipe Oliveira
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